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Alexandria is a new client of mine. She is bright, creative and always has ideas. She has worked for years putting content on her website – but now realizes that she wants to take her business a step farther and stop “giving away” so much free content. She has furiously been working on a multi-module training program which is very detailed, including videos, audios and worksheets. Now that the program is developed, she knows that she must have an easy way to allow her clients access to the program.

While Alexandria is very familiar with her WordPress website, and with Infusionsoft (her CRM) she has no idea what else she needs to add to her systems to make the free content delivery, the sale of her program, and the delivery of the program to run seamlessly.

This is where I come in.

Alexandria needs a membership program. A good membership program should integrate with both her CRM system and her content system. Using a membership program allows a powerful gateway to monitor and regulate who has access to your content and when they should have access. Gone are the days of the big binders and CDs in the mail. And, gone is the need to “dump” all the content at one time because there is no way to drip the content over a longer period.

I shared with Alexandria my two favorite systems. Each has very good points, and each works better with different systems.

My first suggestion was Memberium. Memberium integrates with Infusionsoft and with WordPress, and in essence becomes the bridge between the two systems.

Infusionsoft continues to manage the email campaigns (automation); as well as, the e-commerce order processing. IFS can then transfer the information to Memberium, such as opt-in, tags, and orders. Based on the tagging or time delay of your campaign you can grant log-in information to all, part or drip the content over a period of time. (Alexandria has decided that she would like the program to only be released by modules and each module will be unlocked weekly.)

In Alexandria’s case we could develop a process something like this: a potential client may opt-in to a free ebook, the ebook could be delivered by email or it could be located in the membership area.

Follow up emails present an offer for Alexandria’s new program. This same client clicks and buys the new program. They are emailed a thank you autoresponder with the log in for the membership site.

Using the interface with Infusionsoft and Memberium the campaign, tagging and timers will allow the program to be automatically released over the course of several weeks. There will be no need to do anything manually once the campaign has been set.

Another great benefit with Memberium is that it allows for several membership levels. This will be extremely helpful if Alexandria decides to expand the course and offer it as a certification program, or to bundle it with another program.

And, with Infusionsoft – Memberium can run a full referral partner program for any affiliates that Alexandria may want to have promoting the program.

Another popular membership program I like is Wishlist Member.

Wishlist works with WordPress – and also has unlimited Membership levels. It integrates with 1Shopping Cart, ClickBank, PayPal, Ontraport, Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact, AWeber, and Infusionsoft.

Wishlist is a plugin that can make any WordPress site a membership site. It has many, many features that include subscription length control, total content protection, “sneak-peek” content display, and flexible membership options.

If you would like to hear more about Wishlist and Memberium, I’ll be extensively training on Membership Sites this month in my Master Class.

During the class, I’ll give you my checklists and prompts to use with your clients to be sure you get all the information you need to set up these systems.

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Membership sites have a big place in online marketing, and after this Master Class, you’ll know exactly what to do when your client tells you they’re ready for one! Find out what options are out there TODAY plus my top recommendations. You’ll also get extensive training on my top 2 favorites (WishList and Memberium). I’ll even give you checklists and prompts to use with your client to be sure you get all the information you need to get it all set up!