Working-women-at-laptpsmallRecently on a coaching call, a client of mine (let’s say Lynn to protect the innocent) could not wait to ask a question. In fact, her words came rolling out in frantic details – “I have a client and she called me up two weeks ago, and said that she has discovered telesummits. Her friends are doing them, and she wanted to do one as well. Not really knowing what she was totally talking about, I agreed. She proceeded to tell me that it was asking a few people to jump on the phone and talk about a subject she picked out. It should be easy to get people on the phone and we could pull this off in no time at all” she stopped suddenly to gasp for air. “Now, I’m two weeks in… I haven’t been able to get anyone on the phone, my client is upset because she feels rejected, and this has become a swirling catastrophe and eating up way more of my time than I thought! I need your help, what should I do?”

Lynn found herself in a situation that has happened far too often for VA’s. She was unprepared as to what a telesummit is and why her client would want to hold one.

Telesummits are all the rage for online business people, but many are unaware of the time and planning that is required to create a successful event. But, this is where you as an enlightened VA can provide expert support, counsel, organization and time management for your clients.

What is a Telesummit?

A telesummit is a virtual online multi-speaker event. The event assembles several expert speakers to discuss a specific theme or topic. The speakers can be diverse and bring different aspects and views surrounding the topic. This allows you or your client to decide how large or how small you wish the event to be.

(For many people the easiest way to think of a telesummit is as a live conference or seminar but without travel expense or hotel rooms.) And, just as with a live conference you want the speakers to provide valuable training and education to the audience.

Since this is a virtual event, most interviews are pre-recorded and conducted via phone or Skype and adds great flexibility and opportunity to recruit the speakers that you wish to have. Instead of speakers having to schedule days into their calendars, now they need only to schedule around an hour or so. Also, another great benefit is that the speaker can do their talk or presentation from the comfort of their office or home.

The speakers are interviewed in advance and the online event is launched over the course of several days to the audience. Again, allowing for great flexibility and control over the outcome of the event.


Why Your Client Should Hold a Telesummit

The opportunities for your client are exponential –

A telesummit:

  1. Helps build credibility and positioning – allowing them to establish themselves as a leader in their field and associates them with other thought leaders or “bigger” names in the industry.
  2. Helps build their list/audience – each speaker will be asked to promote the event or their segment. This allows your client to have an opportunity to add hundreds or even thousands of people to their mailing list.
  3. Offers great value to their audience – the training from others only adds to the expertise of your client.
  4. Creates a product that your client can sell – as a savvy VA, you can turn the finished telesummit into a product your client can sell over and over again.
  5. Allows them to share their passions and message – and inspire people to change their lives. Your client developed their business not only to make money but to help bring about change in others.

Avoiding Some of the Biggest Mistakes

For many online business owners – they feel they can “do it all themselves” or that they can “pull one together in a month or so”, (as we saw in the case with Lynn).

As a well-educated VA in conducting telesummits you can divert your client from making some very costly mistakes. For many, they do not have the time nor the organizational skills to keep multiple facets of their business and this event proceeding as planned.

It will be up to you to create the outline of the administrative and technical aspects you can handle, and work with your client to coordinate who should be invited to speak, the follow up schedule, the interview schedule, your client’s presentation, and more.   You will also need to work with the copywriter for the opt-in pages, and graphic designer for the visual elements of your pages.

The “Soft” Stuff

Your client will not only be relying on you to be present and fully engaged in the mechanics of the telesummit; they will also be relying on you for encouragement, focus, and general “cheerleading”. Putting together a telesummit can become a daunting task, and you may see many of the fears of your client surface.

The most common responses are:

  1. The Fear of Rejection – reaching out and wondering if speakers will be willing to participate in the event.
  2. Fear of not possessing enough knowledge – or if the speakers are more “qualified” and will look down upon them for asking.
  3. Fear of “Being Seen” – your client will actually have to become the leader and guide the interviews and presentations.
  4. Fear of Failure – they doubt their ability to create a successful event.

Happily, with your preparation, skills and knowledge these obstacles can easily be overcome. But, part of the preparation is knowing in advance that some of these situations may arise and that you are fully committed to support your client.

As you can see, one of the first steps is talking with your client. Getting clear on his/hers goals for the telesummit and clearly developing a plan of action is super important. This plan will solidify you as a valuable member of the summit team.

Some of the support and services you can offer:

  1. Finding Great Speakers – make sure your client is looking at the best speakers for their audience. You want to make sure that they are not building a list that is not right for them or who does not need their service.
  2. Decide how many speakers your client wishes to have on the telesummit. Each speaker needs to have a pre-decided minimum number of people on their list, so that they can promote the event.
  3. Excited and Collaborative Speakers – You want to have speakers who are engaged in the process and are excited to promote the telesummit.
  4. Planning and Logistics – The interview schedule, how they will be interviewed, when the telesummit will begin, how many days it will run, and much, much more.
  5. Creating the follow up plan. Work with your client to establish a schedule of reminders for the speakers – 1) to follow up on their commitment, and 2) to send the promotional emails and their schedule. Sometimes, despite best intentions, your speakers may forget to send out their solo emails. You can avoid this by having a clear follow up and marketing plan.
  6. Create a way to monetize the telesummit – often people will do a summit and they do not have someone to guide them as to how they can continue to make money from the event through products and services.
  7. Create a nurture plan for the new people on the list. – what will they receive? Create a follow up funnel for retaining them on your clients list.
  8. Client Support – vital to the success of the telesummit. You will be there to support them from confidence building, creating space for their creativity, helping them set aside the time to work on the summit, to finding the right people and the right resources for the event.

So, now you may be thinking – “WOW! Sharon! That’s a lot of stuff to do”!

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