If you want to attract high-paying clients,
you need the skills to do it.
There's just no other way around it.

Finally... this revolutionary training gives you the tools you need to skyrocket your value, drastically increase your income, and gives you the systems you need to free up your time and love your life!

Are you struggling in your business?

Are you tired of always being one step behind in your online marketing?

Feel like you'll never successfully launch a new program or product for yourself or a client?

Don't have anyone to teach you all the online marketing secrets?

Have no clue what the best tool is to use for you or your clients' business needs?

I created the Master Classes to bridge the gap of knowing there is new online marketing stuff out there but not knowing how to even get started.

The Master Classes are perfect for...

Newbie VAs, established VAs, and DIY entrepreneurs!

I created these Master Classes to keep you updated on all the tech stuff in the online marketing world. I'm giving you the tools on what to use, how to do it, and so much more.

Simply put, my Master Classes will give you training, videos, recommendations, checklists and forms and more! It's everything you need to fully understand and be able to do each of the topics selected!

If you complete any of the Master's Classes, you will be able to confidently use these tools to create successful projects for yourself and your clients. You'll also be able to charge higher fees because of your increased skills and it will be easier to secure new clients at these higher rates.

Best of all... these Master Classes make learning the skills super easy. I'm a pro at taking complex topics and skills and making it simple for you to master!

These classes will help you attract high-paying clients consistently because you have the skills and tools that they need to grow their businesses!

PLUS... I'll keep you on top of all the crazy mind-blowing changes in the online marketing world.

I have had so many clients tell me that even though my rate is much higher than other VAs, that they feel confident in hiring me because they don't have to train me! I know how to do all these things and I do them quickly. After taking the Master Classes, you will be able to say the same thing! I actually save my clients time and money!

Bottom line... you'll make more money, have better client relationships (that stay with you forever) and your clients will value your expertise!

What's included in the Master Classes?

I'm super excited about EVERYTHING I have packed into these master classes and I have structured it so you don't get overwhelmed. The whole year we are working together will be cohesive, well thought out and FUN!

So don’t worry. You’ll easily be able to run your business while taking this course (in fact, you may even land a client or two while you’re at it!).

  • 12 Master Classes
  • Each class includes Q&A call monthly
  • Technical training
  • Forms and Checklists
  • Workbooks and Worksheets
  • My recommendations
  • Community of VAs that have the same goals as you (private Facebook group)
  • Access to your trainers to ask questions
  • Up-to-the-minute training on all the new tools and techniques
  • and more...

12 Comprehensive Master Classes

Class 1 -- Telesummits

Telesummits continue to grow in popularity, BUT very few VAs know how to support clients with these exciting events! This Master Class will teach you everything from A-Z, such as how to plan, project manage, what tools you'll need, etc., plus you'll get my easy checklists and resources to help you stay on track, and more!

Only interested in the Telesummit Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 2 -- Infusionsoft Advanced

Already taken my "Getting Started with Infusionsoft" course? In this Master Class, we'll dive even deeper inside this powerful program to learn all about advanced campaign building, billing automation, reports and dashboard set up, e-commerce, add-ons, and more.

Only interested in the Advanced Infusionsoft Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 3 -- Membership Sites

Membership sites have a big place in online marketing, and after this Master Class, you'll know exactly what to do when your client tells you they're ready for one! Find out what options are out there TODAY plus my top recommendations. You'll also get extensive training on my top 2 favorites (WishList and Memberium). I'll even give you checklists and prompts to use with your client to be sure you get all the information you need to get it all set up!

Only interested in the Membership Sites Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 4 -- Email Marketing

There are so many email marketing programs out there. From free ones to high-level options, I'll spill the deets on my favorites and train you on them, too! I'll also give you best practices for sending, creating, and designing your emails to really wow your clients and help them sell!

Only interested in the Email Marketing Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 5 -- eCommerce

The options for this are endless! So how do you know what tools are best? I'll give you the top 3 that your clients need to use for processing orders and sales. I'll also give you details on merchant accounts and how to get the best deal for your client. There will even be a discussion on the layout of your order forms, guarantees, etc. All important stuff that needs to run seamlessly!

Only interested in the eCommerce Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 6 -- Sales Pages

Gone are the days of using only HTML to create these essential marketing tools. In this Master Class, we're going to focus on 2 of the top platforms: Optimize Press 2.0 and LeadPages. I'll not only show you how to use these, but also how to create the content for the page (copywriting), what other elements to include, such as guarantee options, payment options, and more!

Only interested in the Sales Pages Master Class? CLICK HERE and get immediate access.

Class 7 -- List Building

July 27, 2017. Can you say overused buzz term? 🙂 While list building is absolutely essential to getting prospects into you or your client's funnels, I'm going to take you right back to the basics explain what it is, how to build your list organically, and more. This Master Class is definitely one you don't want to miss!

Only interested in the List Building Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Class 8 -- Infusionsoft Add-Ons

August 17, 2017. Infusionsoft is an amazing tool but there are so many options for add-ons (tools that work with Infusionsoft). I'll be explaining how to find these tools, my favorites, how to use some of them, and more. I'll be focusing on PlusThis, Zapier, and MyFusionHelper, 3 of the top add-ons used in online marketing right now.

Only interested in the Infusionsoft Add-Ons Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Class 9 -- Wordpress Magic

September 21, 2017. This Master Class is going to focus on the advanced things you need to know about WordPress. We'll be covering how to update themes, what the best plugins are, what security options and plugins you should be using, SEO plugins, and more. Upgrade your WP skills so you can shine!

Only interested in the WordPress Magic Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Class 10 -- Affiliate Management

October 19, 2017. Affiliates are another great way that you or your clients can sell and gain passive revenue! The tech side of these money-making programs can be easily managed once you have the steps to follow. I'll also give you ideas on how to find affiliates, too. For this Master Class, I'll be focusing on Infusionsoft but will also discuss other affiliate plugins and tools.

Only interested in the Affiliate Management Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Class 11 -- Social Media

November 16, 2017. It's all about relationships on social media. I'll be reviewing your options for what social media channels to use and how to organically grow your reach. I'll also touch briefly on Facebook ads. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but I'll cut through the "chatter" so you know exactly what'll work best for you!

Only interested in the Social Media Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Class 12 -- Project Management

December 21, 2017. There's been an explosion of project management systems since they first came into existence. Teamwork, Asana, Trello, Basecamp...what's the good, the bad and the ugly? I'll give you my recommendations, show you how to use the top 3, and the easiest way to streamline how you manage projects once you pick your PM tool!

Only interested in the Project Management Master Class? CLICK HERE to sign up for the live class.

Course Dates

Please note: dates and details subject to change

ALL CLASSES are held from 3 pm to 4:30 pm pacific time zone.

Telesummits - January 17 and 19

Infusionsoft Advanced - February 14 and 16

Membership Sites - March 14 and 16

Email Marketing - April 18 and 20

eCommerce - May 16 and 18

Sales Pages - June 29

List Building - July 27

Infusionsoft Add-Ons - August 17

WordPress Magic - September 21

Affiliate Management - October 19

Social Media - November 16

Project Management - December 21

Lisa Johnson

Attending Super VA School was most definitely a career changing experience for me. When I enrolled, I had some VA experience and knowledge, but now I can honestly say it has easily doubled! Sharon OVER delivers when it comes to sharing the course content in her curriculum, often sharing bonus trainings and handouts.  I would say the material I received was MORE than worth the cost of the purchase. Not only did I get a total technical upgrade, but I also acquired several clients through my relationship with Sharon and her connections in the VA community!  I am so grateful for Sharon, her teachings, and her guidance.

Lisa Johnson, The Wellness VA
Michelle Micheals

The comprehensive amount of tech training alone makes Super VA School a no-brainer! Add in the way Sharon shares everything she's learned about industry demand and building a 6-figure VA practice, with a teaching style that is patient, kind, and easy-to-learn-from, and you have a program that would greatly benefit any VA wanting to expand her services or build a more lucrative business.

Michelle Micheals, Heart-Centered Virtual Assistance
Cheryl Davey

Sharon’s training class on the 1SC platform was amazing. I learned so much and I am an expert now. I also took her Infusionsoft Bootcamp and then raised my rates significantly. My clients are thrilled because of these new services I now offer.

Cheryl Davey, Virtually All

Don't forget you can buy individual Master Classes (see above).

What can you expect during these trainings?

As much hand-holding and support as we can give!!

  • In-depth tech training given in terms you can easily understand (There is no cutting corners here. We make sure you fully integrate using these sophisticated programs, by answering ALL your questions and giving you extra walk-throughs if needed. Not a techie? No worries. We start from scratch so you’ll know your way around sooner than you think!)

  • The processes and systems that are the foundation that every virtual service provider needs to have (this means you’ll get ready-made templates and checklists that are based on real-life business transactions AND advice on when and how to use them).

  • That you’ll be treated with respect and given all the support you need to make your way through the materials (this means having ready access to all your instructors by email as well as through our monthly training calls and our private Facebook group – this kind of support is practically priceless when you think of how much training you’re getting all in one place!)

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Sharon Broughton
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P.S. I don’t have to tell you, it can be hard churning away every day, putting in long hours, even with great clients, but not seeing the income that should match your efforts. It’s a situation a lot of VAs find themselves in. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get trained now and upscale your clientele and your income!

P.P.S. In today’s technologically-advanced world, virtual assistants need to move with the times. Especially if they want to earn 6 figures or more. And that takes training from someone who’s been there. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new industry! Sign up for the SuperVA School Master Classes now.