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Sharon Broughton is a self-proclaimed Infusionsoft junkie and “tech skills” addict. She LOVES Infusionsoft and can’t wait to take it off your hands.

Over the years, Sharon has trained herself to take the path of least resistance. If there’s a better, faster way to do something, she probably already knows about it. She has developed a reputation for being efficient and resourceful.

She’s been able to work with some of the top 6- and 7-figure business coaches in the industry, including Ali Brown, Kevin Thompson, Fabienne Fredrickson, and Christine Kane. These people dread wasting time and money – and they pay Sharon top dollar because they know she doesn’t mess around.

Sharon built her own six-figure VA/OBM practice by helping other entrepreneurs do the same. Her passion is to help people build their virtual teams and train VAs to have in-demand, high-level skills – so they can be on those teams.

If you want to move quickly from Point A to Point B – without wasting your time or money – Sharon and her team are the ones to call. She’ll give your business the “loving push” it needs to reach new heights.

Sharon also offers Super VA services for those clients that don’t need strategy, just implementation. Check that out here:


Monique P. Cunningham

Virtual Assistant

moWhether you are brand new to Infusionsoft (I promise it’s not that confusing) or you have been using it for a while, I can help you get all the benefits from Infusionsoft that will help you grow your business from ezine creation, web forms, campaigns, shopping cart and list management.

Really, you don’t have the time to figure it out.  Rely on my years of working in Infusionsoft (all of my clients use it) as well as my training, to help you create a marketing automation machine for your business.  Isn’t that why you purchased Infusionsoft in the first place?  So why are you spending hours trying to figure it out?  Tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen.  No need to recreate the wheel.

In addition to my Infusionsoft training, I love to support my clients by managing all the moving pieces of their business so they can get back to doing what they love; whether that is building their business or spending time with their family.

Grab your 15 minute Business Brainstorming Session today to see what I can do for your business!

Sarah Neumann

Virtual Assistant
(307) 203-2643

As a solo-entrepreneur, you wear many hats in your small business.  Often times you find yourself doing it all, including all of the things that you really don’t enjoy.  The daily tasks of running your business are taking up precious time, and taking you away from what you love most about being in business!

I work with women business coaches who coach their clients from a platform of authenticity and creating a heart based business.  I help my clients free up more time to do more of what they love and create the balanced life they want.  I take over techie tasks like Infusionsoft support, sending and designing ezines, and managing your 1Shopping Cart account.  However, I also have the soft skills to collaborate with you on new ideas, support your clients with exceptional customer service, and hold your long term vision for your business in everything we work on together.

Mika Howard

MTH Virtual Assistance ~ Making Things Happen for You ~
Office: 949.528.6722
Fax: 928.569.4592

I so enjoy working with small business owners to extend their marketing reach using the tools that are available today, thanks to the technology. It’s a great time to be a geek! My expertise as a tech-savvy VA includes WordPress and HTML websites, various email marketing programs, Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, social media, digital publishing, database management, and strategies to use these tools to get results. To learn more, please visit my website above.



Mae Robertson

TechieVA Graduate Expert (Infusionsoft)
Certified Apple Support Professional (Lion)
Certified Apple Associate (iWork)
Office: 205-201-0623
I specialize in helping people work smarter and faster. I can help you figure out a better way to get your business done so that you can have more time to enjoy your life. I specialize in Infusionsoft and Apple Computers and Software. I can train one on one or over the internet. If you need some help, send me an email and let me know how I can help you.

 Kendall Gjevre

All Digital Support

kendall-aboutAll Digital Support is a virtual solution for your online technical needs. All Digital Support is that “little something extra” your business needs. Owned and operated by Kendall Gjevre, All Digital Support provides you the necessary technical support for your online business systems. Kendall has over 25 years experience in business supporting technology systems. Kendall has a great skill set to support business owners with online systems including: websites, shopping carts, CRM systems, and graphics needs.  Her expertise in understanding how technology systems support your business provides you the ability to “off-load” technical tasks without having to hand-hold or micro-manage.

For a full list of service areas visit:

Larissa Parks

Cheryl Davey

Diane Potter

Linda Eskridge

Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance, Inc.
+1 (763) 421-3426
jeri at conbriova dot com

If you’re a coach looking for a strong partner to help you grow your practice and are ready to stop doing tasks that prevent you from having the time and space to work in your area of brilliance, let’s talk!

As a well-seasoned executive admin/manager, techie VA and dragon slayer, I can do some totally amazing stuff to make your business and personal life a whole lot easier, including but definitely not limited to assisting you with general administration, Infusionsoft, Carts, Ezines, WordPress, product launches, copywriting, planning and implementation.

I’ve worked closely and effectively across international time zones with executives, high net-worth individuals and colleagues, as well as with people who actually do the real work that makes a business go. I offer a strong marketing mindset, solid management and consulting skills, as well as a deep understanding of the details behind the details of your success. Are you ready to put in place systems that support your success? Let’s get it done together!