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Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance, Inc.
+1 (763) 421-3426
jeri at conbriova dot com

If you’re a coach looking for a strong partner to help you grow your practice and are ready to stop doing tasks that prevent you from having the time and space to work in your area of brilliance, let’s talk!

As a well-seasoned executive admin/manager, techie VA and dragon slayer, I can do some totally amazing stuff to make your business and personal life a whole lot easier, including but definitely not limited to assisting you with general administration, Infusionsoft, Carts, Ezines, WordPress, product launches, copywriting, planning and implementation.

I’ve worked closely and effectively across international time zones with executives, high net-worth individuals and colleagues, as well as with people who actually do the real work that makes a business go. I offer a strong marketing mindset, solid management and consulting skills, as well as a deep understanding of the details behind the details of your success. Are you ready to put in place systems that support your success? Let’s get it done together!