Here are our grads from the 1SC Expert Class:

Sarah Neumann

Virtual Assistant
(307) 203-2643

As a solo-entrepreneur, you wear many hats in your small business.  Often times you find yourself doing it all, including all of the things that you really don’t enjoy.  The daily tasks of running your business are taking up precious time, and taking you away from what you love most about being in business!

I work with women business coaches who coach their clients from a platform of authenticity and creating a heart based business.  I help my clients free up more time to do more of what they love and create the balanced life they want.  I take over techie tasks like Infusionsoft support, sending and designing ezines, and managing your 1Shopping Cart account.  However, I also have the soft skills to collaborate with you on new ideas, support your clients with exceptional customer service, and hold your long term vision for your business in everything we work on together.

Kendall Gjevre:

All Digital Support

kendall-aboutAll Digital Support is a virtual solution for your online technical needs. Reliable, easy to work with, and dedicated to job completion and satisfaction, All Digital Support is that “little something extra” your business needs.

Kendall has over 25 years experience in business supporting technology systems. Kendall has a great skill set to support business owners with online systems including: websites, shopping carts, CRM systems, and graphics needs.  Her expertise in understanding how technology systems support your business provides you the ability to “off-load” technical tasks without having to hand-hold or micro-manage.

Linda Eskridge


Lisa DeYoung

helping your work hard go further…
…leaving more time for your play hard

I understand that it takes hard work and dedication to create a successful business. I also know the importance of enjoying this one precious life we’ve been given. Even if you’re passionate about your work and your business, it is important to have time to enjoy life beyond…

I love being part of what makes a business hum.
I love bringing projects and processes to life.
I love being the ‘behind the scenes gal’.

As your Virtual Assistant I can creatively and proactively support you in keeping your business running smoothly as you move your business forward, and reach your goals – both professional and personal.

Lisa MacDonald

Nova Scotia, Canada
(902) 584-7226

Robin Covey

Virtually Anything Office
Online Business Manager

Office: (705) 725-1141 / (705) 795-4744

I’m Robin Covey and I’m a virtual business manager with a background in the telecommunications industry as a project manager and administrator.  I have a passion for creating all types of virtual events, from webinars to teleseminars and developing business systems & creating process maps for online professionals. I hold certifications in project management, virtual events, social media and now expert cart management.