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it’s more than a Shopping Cart…

One of the fastest growing segments in business today is E-commerce. As the mobile market continues to expand, so does the opportunity for increased sales. Never has it been so easy for someone to make a purchase quickly and effortlessly.
So, what is E-Commerce?
Simply put – E-Commerce is a broad term for any type of […]

Have you heard “I need to build my list”?

Almost weekly I’ll get a call from a potential client and the same words that I have heard over and over will come rushing out of their mouth. “I’ve been in business for some time, and I’ve got a (insert service or product here) that I want to share with as many people as […]

What is a membership site?

Alexandria is a new client of mine. She is bright, creative and always has ideas. She has worked for years putting content on her website – but now realizes that she wants to take her business a step farther and stop “giving away” so much free content. She has furiously been working on a […]

Advanced Infusionsoft and more!

Choosing the Right CRM
Since I first started years ago (wow, back in 2002!) as a Virtual Assistant and continues until today – one of the questions I hear most often from my clients is “What is the best way to manage my client list” or “How can I keep in contact with my clients/customers?” […]

Telesummits and YOU!

Recently on a coaching call, a client of mine (let’s say Lynn to protect the innocent) could not wait to ask a question. In fact, her words came rolling out in frantic details – “I have a client and she called me up two weeks ago, and said that she has discovered telesummits. Her […]

Boost your business as a webinar techie

One of the most popular ways that online business owners are choosing to engage with their audiences is by webinar. Webinars are excellent for any kind of live or recorded presentations, whether you use these in your VA business or you support clients who do.

Primarily they are used for lead generation, so if you […]

8 Ways To Do Tech Tool Research

These days, it’s pretty hard to run an online business without any tech programs or tools. There are a lot of them available, and everyone from start-up to veteran entrepreneurs can sometimes get spun around with deciding which ones will be the most time and cost-efficient for their business.

So I’ve put together a few […]

4 Tips for Making the Marketing Automation Decision

In today’s tech-savvy world, there are a ton of marketing automation programs out there that can help any online (or even offline) business owner streamline how they market their products and services across a wide variety of platforms.

But what does it all mean?

In general online business owners who want to keep in touch with […]

Tech trends

I love staying on top of tech trends and here are a few of my favorite sites:

http://techmeme.com/ aggregated top tech news stories from a variety of sources
http://nuzzel.com/ Trending news from those I follow
https://getpocket.com/ Tool I use to save articles to read later, this also has a read aloud feature for when you are on […]

What everyone ought to know about focus

How many times have you set goals, tasks, lined up a project, etc., only to find yourself distracted and later disappointed because you left things hanging?

Bill Baren says incomplete projects are the most draining on us. That’s true, don’t you find?

It’s kind of a human nature type thing, according to Bill. So that means […]