Choosing the Right CRM

Since I first started years ago (wow, back in 2002!) as a Virtual Assistant and continues until today – one of the questions I hear most often from my clients is “What is the best way to manage my client list” or “How can I keep in contact with my clients/customers?” And for many new entrepreneurs or small business owners this can be a decision that can play a crucial role in their growth and success.

Using a CRM

Many entrepreneurs do not realize at this early stage of their business how choosing the right CRM may influence many of their future decisions as well.

And, more often than not – I end up explaining how customer relationship management is an approach to managing their interaction with current and future customers. (Many have forgotten the future part.)

While using a CRM, we employ different technologies to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle; with our end goals being a continued improvement in their relationship with customers, improving client retention and driving sales of their products and services.

With a great CRM system you can compile information on your customers across different channels (or points of contact); these can include their website, social media, direct mail, and others.

It also allows the persons in the company who have direct contact with the customer (such as customer service or sales) information that is not limited to just a name and address, but also the customer’s buying history, what emails they are opening, their buying preferences and much more.

Module-2Future Focused

Today, there are many CRMs to choose from – but I continue to encourage my clients to be future focused and forward planning. This means that we look at not only their list today, but the anticipated growth we want to see in 1 year, 3 years, 5 & 10 years.

Sometimes purchasing a lower priced CRM while looking at only the current situation can cause multiple problems when growth occurs in the future. Transferring client email addresses, and gaining additional permission to move to a different CRM can often be tedious and time consuming. This transference can overshadow any monies saved using the cheaper not as advanced program initially.

Choosing Wisely

After years of working with clients and many CRMs – I have found that I recommend Infusionsoft above all the others. Infusionsoft has been helping small businesses succeed for over 16 years (yep, they started back in the infancy of the internet!)

Over the years Infusionsoft has anticipated the growing need for reporting, for product management, payment systems, and the addition of social media lead generation tools – while also improving the ease of usability, reliability and sophistication of their email marketing structure. They continue to roll out improvements in email templates and builders, campaigns, order forms, quotes and invoices.

Advanced Infusionsoft

InfusionsoftMany of you are familiar with my introductory course, “Getting Started with Infusionsoft”. This month during my Free Webinar Masterclass on Feb. 8, at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern), I’ll be training you in the latest advances in Infusionsoft.

I’ll focus on how this system is different than other CRMs and give you a quick tour “behind the scenes”.

We’ll learn more about their referral partner system, advances and changes in the campaign builder with additional reporting and tracking capabilities – while also giving you greater ease, flexibility, and refinement of your emails.

We’ll talk about triggers and action sets, including a new campaign trigger that can be set when a contact visits your web site. We’ll create dashboard analytics widgets and learn how to consolidate task reminders.

There’s so many new and exciting ways to use Infusionsoft, you don’t want to miss this webinar!

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